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900p Vs 1080p Pc Monitors

900p vs 1080p pc monitors


900p Vs 1080p Pc Monitors --

















































900p Vs 1080p Pc Monitors



Did you play GTA V? It's pretty goddamn noticeableClick to expand. Oh yeah I agree! You know what sucks? I meanly watch netflix even when I'm doing other shit and I have a 300gb cap a month so I got to run netflix in 480p . Your factors of choice should be others, simply because an uncomfortable controller is about to influence your gaming session way more than a resolution of 900p. Texture & Model Quality at the end? That's the main things that make games look real.Click to expand. You also don't have to spend $200 on a good 1080P monitor, you can generally get some good ones for $160 which is far less than the price of a Wii U, I just picked up two Asus VS248H-P screens for $120 each a couple weeks ago, they were a phenomenal upgrade from the older 21.5" eMachines(1080P) screen i had. Jump to.


Click to expand. I doubt we will see a leap in graphics between start and end of last gen but I have hope they will get better. Hardware will be much cheaper to tdo that next gen. BRB Putting those pictures on my tv and setting my normal 6ft away to see how much of a notice it is. Is this worth writing tons of words and phrases on the Internet, while the whole gaming industry is striving to evolve and offer something unique or simply new? I don't think so, because sometimes it looks like, among all the remasters and sequels, we won't have any gaming future after all. Is that 720p is shit compared to 1080p defender2142, Oct 11, 2014 SupaSmashBrotha The Poison Gas Pokemon Joined: Sep 16, 2007 Messages: 83,574 Location: Final Destination Date Posted: Oct 11, 2014 #49 Maybe if you have a shitty TV/Monitor. Texture & Model Quality at the end? That's the main things that make games look real.Click to expand.

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